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 ​​ Ladies 2018 Waterloo pairs

Nicola Boulton & Sue Worrall win 2018 ladies Pairs
Nicola and Sue defeated defending champions Linda Williams and Denise Hodge 21-11 in the Final, this win was Boulton's 6th Waterloo title to go with her Ladies waterloo win and her 4 Ladies Champion Of Champions's titles.

2019 Spring Waterloo Qualifying Dates :- ​​​​

This event has been CANCELLED

2019 Main Waterloo Qualifying Dates :-
July 6th Saturday 11am  (Full)  
July 13th Saturday 11am 
July 16th Tuesday 1pm 
July 17th Wednesday 1pm 
July 19th Friday 1pm 
July 20th Saturday 11am 
July 23rd Tuesday 1pm   
July 24th Wednesday 1pm 
July 26th Friday 1pm  (Full)
July 30th Tuesday 1pm  (Full)
July 31st Wednesday 1pm  (Full)
August 2nd Friday 1pm  (Full)
August 3rd Saturday 11am  (Full)
August 7th Wednesday 1pm (Full)
August 9th Friday 1pm  (Full)
​August 10th Saturday 11am  (Full)
September 21st Saturday 10am  (Last 64)
September 23rd Monday 10am (Last 32)
September 24th Tuesday 10am (Last 16)
September 25th Wednesday 10am (Final Day)

TV Talks ongoing

Talks are underway for the return of TV Cameras to ITV for the 2019 Autumn Waterloo, we are hopeful The Waterloo will return to our screens, more news as we have it.

2019 Ladies Waterloo Qualifying Dates :-​​
May 31st Friday 1pm  (Full) 
June 7th Friday 1pm  (Full)
June 29th Saturday 11am  (Full)
July 7th Sunday 11am  (Full)
August 11th Sunday 1pm  (Full)
September 22nd Sunday (Last 32)
​Final Only Wednesday 25th September (If TV)

2019 Ladies Spring Waterloo One Day Event :-​​
May 11th May Saturday 10am  (Full)

This event has been postponed and will be rearranged at a later date. 

2019 Mixed Doubles Qualifying Dates :-​​
April 14th Sunday 11am  (Full)   New date TBC
May 25th Saturday 11am  (Full)   New date TBC
July 21st Sunday 11am  (Full)
August 17th Saturday 11am  (Full)
October 6th Sunday 10am (Final Day)

Hannah McDonald of Derby wins the 2018 Ladies Waterloo after defeating Wirral's Lynsey Gorman in a great final. It was Hannahs first time playing the Ladies Waterloo, a great achievement.
2019 Charlie Tattersall Qualifying Dates :-​​​​
April 21st Sunday 11am  (Full)
April 28th Sunday 11am  (Full)
May 9th Thursday 1pm  (Full) 
June 22nd Saturday 11am  (Full)
July 14th Sunday 11am  (Full)
July 29th Monday 1pm  (Full)
August 4th Sunday 11am  (Full) 
August 5th Monday 1pm  (Full) 
September 27th Friday 11am (Final Day)
2019 Mens Pairs (32 Pairs) One Day Comp :-​​
May 12th Sunday 10am  (Full)
2019 May Over 50s (First 32) One Day :-​​
May 18th Saturday 10am  (Full)

2019 August Over 50s (First 32) One Day :-​​
​August 16th Friday 10am  (Full)
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Other Notes
2019 Ladies Pairs (First 32) One Day :-​​
​April 13th Saturday 10am  (Full)
2019 Open Pairs (First 32) One Day :-​​
May 6th Monday 10am  (Full)
2019 Junior Waterloo (First 64) One Day :-​​
August 25th Sunday 10am​  (40 Places Left)
2019 Junior World Cup (First 48) One Day :-​​
August 24th Saturday 10am​  (23 Places Left)

Practice is one Hour before all start times.

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