Breakfast Buffets

Buffet No.1

Buffet 4

Hot Bacon or
​sausage barmcake

Filled barms

Sliced ham, turkey & beef platter

Pork pies

Poached salmon & Prawn platter


Selection of large quiches

All served with tea or coffee


Dinky pork pies

£3.50 per head


Mixed salads

Cocktail sausages

Tortillas and dips

Crusty piece of bread

Buffet No.2

Hot new potatoes or jacket potatoes

Hot Buffet Selection

Selection of desserts / Gateaux

Filled barms

Hot Pot with a crust & red cabbage

Sausage Rolls

All buffets above
£9.95 per head

Chilli & rice served with
cheesy garlic bread

Chicken satays

Cheesy garlic bread

Meat & Potato pie and mushy peas

Mini scotch eggs

Chicken curry and rice

Pork pies

Lasagne with cheesy garlic bread

Cheese & onion pieand beans

Buffet No.3

Kids Boxes

Chicken pasta bake with
​cheesy garlic bread

Small filled barm

Filled barms

£3.95 per head

Piece of pizza



Mini crolins

Mini Cookies

Cheese & pineapple sticks

Hot Carved
​Roast Meat Barms

Gingerbread person

Chicken drumsticks

Tortillas & dips

Juice drink

Honey roast ham

Roast beef, fried onions and mustard

 £3.95 per head

Roast pork and apple sauce

All buffets above
£4.95 per head

Roasted turkey breast with
cranberry and stuffing

£4.00 per head